May 1, 2019


Creative once again bought rights for early release, and more interestingly, they announced their Laguna3D will be compatible with CGL. Cirrus Logic acquired Crystal Semiconductor, a supplier of analog and mixed-signal converter ICs, in Then there are games partially giving up on texturing, likely because of failure in lightmap phase, those are using or originating from Quake engine, like Half Life and Thief. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. Last chip revision C was for motherboard integration. The CL-GD chip ought to be disappoing, because bilinear texture filter is one of the cheapest possible implemntation.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Incoming in 32 bit mode, no sign of dithering, but broken lens oogic still ruin the show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Get the perfect match for your driver More than 5 lagjna happy users. In the early s, Cirrus Logic became a supplier of PC graphics chips, audio converters and chips for magnetic storage products. It is nice when accelerator uses higher internal precision, but dither pattern employed by Laguna is far from accurate and several overlapping layers of transparent textures can deliver awful almost stipple-like pattern.

But some games don’t like textures outside of local memory, like Viper Racing shows by switching to very small mipmaps, and Incoming drops texturing completely. Then there are games partially giving up on texturing, likely because of failure in lightmap phase, those are using or originating from Quake engine, like Half Life and Thief.


It was one of the lowest-priced SVGA controllers to support both. This article needs additional citations for verification. Reflection mapping in Monster Truck Racing 2 brakes car texturing. Flaming or offending other users.

Michael Hackworth was named president and chief executive officer in Januaryand served as CEO until February Yousuf Palla joined as Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing, contributing further to its success. The execution was poor on some other products as well and Cirrus Logic had to lovic through consolidation after rapid expansion.

The company’s audio processors and audio converters feature in many professional audio and consumer entertainment products, including smartphones, tablets, portable media players, automotive entertainment systems, home-theater receivers, televisions and docking stations.

Up to 8 MB of local memory are supported and Techworks planned to release 6 and 8 MB cards, but I don’t think that ever happened. All basic blending modes are supported except one- multiplicative blending. It laguba the Nasdaq market listing in symbol: Cirrus Logic went public in and accelerated growth through acquisitions among which were Pixel Semiconductor and Acumos.

Suhas Patiland in the company was reorganized by Dr. Retrieved 20 August — via Google Books.

Cirrus Logic Laguna 5465 PCI Graphic Card 231012

For demonstration here are screens from Shadows of the Empire:. Taking price into account it performs quite well in old games even with small amount of local memory. Because of this Mondello never got off the ground. Skip to content Laptops.


Finally, there are many small problems caused by missing multiplicative alpha blending or driver bugs. Cirrus Logic’s analog mixed-signal converter chips are also used in a wide variety of energy-related applications, including its new line of LED controllers for the incandescent light-bulb replacement market, as well as energy-measurement chips for applications such as digital utility meters.

Cirrus Logic – Wikipedia

Cirrus got a jump start into 3D technology by acquiring patents and several engineers of Austek, company which has just developed A OpenGL oogic. It may also be the reason for no OpenGL games support.

French joined Cirrus Logic, Inc. Suhas Patil founded the company as “Patil Systems, Inc. A new product line should have helped fill those capacities- 3d accelerators. Mondello development took a back seat to the GD which was near completion and proved to be a much faster design with the use of Rambus.

Even if execution units are designed to process multiple operations in single pass, their inputs cannot be fed fast enough.