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So when I set mine up, I decided to record exactly what I had to do to get it working, and publish it so that others can do the same. I tried this first, a because it’s a package and therefore easy to find and install, and b because it’s open. Fail Safe File System: Getting Ready to Build Programs Now we can talk to the board, we need to create some programs to run on it. The microcontroller flash memory will be programmed and the debugger started. Where the Keil tools are being used it may be necessary to adjust the path to the library to match the path to the Keil installation on your development machine.

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Getting Ready to Build Programs Now we can talk to the board, we need to create some programs to run on it.

The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, the date shown below. Save to an existing parts list Save to a new parts list. Serial port driver It should also be noted that the serial drivers are written to test some of the real time kernel features hoard and they are not intended to represent an optimized solution.

Get Ready to Build In order to transfer programs to the chip and debug it, we need a debugger interface. Its function is to check that all the other tasks are still operational and that no errors have been detected at any time. At the telnet interface, try: There is absolutely no warranty for GDB.

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Ensure that the board is not pluged in and start the OpenOCD daemon: Type “continue” to start the program executing. In order to actually build the program, you will need autoconf, automake, make and gcc.

Texas Instruments LM3S811

The eval board contains a user push button that is configured to generate interrupts. As with most of these kits, it comes with a CD full of Windows drivers and software. See the Source Code Organization section for a description of the downloaded files and information on creating a new project. You can connect to it via telnet to test it out. A prompt to install eva, drivers will be received when the evaluation board is first plugged in and detected by Windows.

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This is important – the flash programming algorithm does not auto-erase for you. The driver library is included directly within the project file or Makefile. In the terminal where you built the example, telnet to the OpenOCD daemon as before: Flash the Chip If you’ve followed this through in efal go, you will still have the OpenOCD daemon running in another terminal.

The constants defined in this file lm3a811 be edited to suit your application.


Texas Instruments LM3S

Lowering this value will improve efficiency. You should see “Hello World! The interrupt handler uses a semaphore to wake the button handler task – demonstrating how the priority mechanism can be used to defer interrupt processing to the task level. Please enter a message. If this is the case, then it is also likely that the project file has been silently corrupted and will boaed to be restored to its original state before it can be built even with an updated IAR version. Save to parts list Save to boars list.

Unfortunately, cI could not get it to work. Use the tree menu to navigate groups of related pages. I will leave you to explore that page in more depth, and just give you the step-by-step here.

Save this item to a new parts list.

The dumb terminal must be closed in order to reflash the lm33s811. First, I neede to comment out the line: Select “Debug” from the “Project” menu. The demo projects included in the FreeRTOS download have already been updated so these can be used as an example.

Fail Safe File System: