December 30, 2018


It prints well,but is on the slow side. My Verdict Ease of Use: All in all a Super printer – and best of all cartridges are very cheap compared to other manufacturers especially thru The Cartridge People!! I now have two on-line. This page contains 8 products guaranteed to work in the Lexmark X

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While I was lured into purchasing this printer through I very competitive sale price I failed to look at total cost of ownership.

Recommended Photo Paper for the Lexmark X Cheap Lexmark X ink. We have had this printer for about five years now; it has given very little trouble and when it has Lexmark help lwxmark have really helped.

One printer has new paper, the other the used paper. The 12 printer consumable products below are guaranteed to work with your Lexmark X If buying a new printer would prefer to have one with separate colour cartridges as the combined colour cartridge inevitably wastes ink and money as one colour must run out before the other two.

I have had this printer for around 7yrs. Which is why I use Cartidge People. In spite of the cheap price – it’s scan speed and accuracy with only one pass is amazing.


All in all a Super printer – and best of all cartridges are very cheap compared to other manufacturers especially thru The Cartridge People!! Fast, Free Delivery Order before 4pm lexmakr same day shipping. The Lexmark that I bought some years ago incorperates fax feature;but I haven’t used it because I don’t know anyone who has a fax machine. A cheap multi function printer, scanner.

I did find that when I used the Lexmark ink cartridges, that they dried up after a couple of months. This value is calculated from manufacturer’s estimates of how many pages a cartridge will print, and should only be used to compare cartridge running costs. Add to Basket 0 in basket. It prints well,but is on the slow side.

Got a question about the products for this printer? Lexmark 17 and 27 Twin Pack.

Lexmark X All-in-One Printer driver – Microsoft Community

I keep a lot of the “scrap” paper to use the other side. But o the cost of ink! Refilled cartridges are genuine Lexmark cartridges that have been used once then refilled. Berkshire Home User Use Weekly.

I’ve taken to printing in black only. I have had this printer a number of years now and have always been completely satisfied with it I get my cartridges from you as I think they are REALLY good for the money Keep up the good work.


Contains Black 4 Colour 4. Compatible Twinpack of Lexmark 16 and 26 Inks. It isn’t a top of the range printer, but it works perfectly for me.

Lexmark X1180 Ink Cartridges

They’re brand new cartridgesfully chipped that just work out of the box. The print quality for day to day usage even in colour is very good albeit it is not of the highest quality. I bought it to replace a Canon which was just a printer and as it was slow in printer I thought the Lexmark would have been quicker,but as I bought it on the internet,I didn’t have the chance of seeing it printing in a retail outlet. A refilled cartridge will not affect your printer warranty.

The replacement cartridges are invariably the most expensive, even when you buy generic. Compatible x180 are direct replacements for the genuine Lexmark. Get help on Live Chat.