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Wiz , Dec 10, , in forum: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The fingerprint reader is not set up automatically. However, the X61 tablet has a few more quirks than the X41 does. Save this as rotation.

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Does my x61 tablet have multitouch?

Improvements to the stuff above? And you can also curse the Gnome developers for only half-fixing a major and easily-fixable accessibility problem. Fingerprint reader The fingerprint reader is not set up automatically. Now the stylus buttons work the way I want. The window buttons minimize, maximize, and close have been moved to the left side … for what appears to be no good reason at all.

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Mattias Isegran Bergander 1 First, I borrowed some elements from the dark Ambiance theme and modified Radiance so that inactive windows would have a dark title bar and buttons, while the active window would be light.

Tableh you run the same script again while the desktop is rotated, it will restore the desktop and stylus to their original orientation. As is typical with most recent Ubuntu releases, ,enovo initial install was painless. Post as a guest Name.


So is there any way to figure out if this thing has the Multitouch by some software or hardware feature? The X61 tablet and the X41 tablet, too have Intel video cards.

Longtime readers all three of you might have noticed that I run Ubuntu Linux on my computers. How can I get back Windows 7 multitouch options?

I am planning on getting my first tablet in the coming weeks. Your name or email address: No, create an account now.

However, the X61 tablet has a few more quirks than the X41 does. Shawn Dec 28, at 3: Does this mean that it supports multitouch like the XT or like Toshiba where multitouch means you can use both your finger and a pen.

The fingerprint reader is not set up automatically. Do you already have an account? Sign up using Email and Password. Open the lenlvo folder, then click gnome-screensaver.

Multitouch on X61 tablet? – Thinkpads Forum

Got this x61 tablet off of eBay. Actually, if you see the screen has another layer on top, that’s multktouch digitizer. In the picture above, the terminal window and not Firefox is the active window, and will receive input from whatever keys you happen to press. To use the tablet as intended, you probably want to rotate the display. Behappypro Dec 22, If you save the script above I saved it as stylusbuttons.


The active window in this screen shot is still the terminal window. Installed the latest drivers as well but no change there. No more confusion when transferring grades from my spreadsheet to our web-based system!

Thinkpad X61 Tablet Multitouch Screen

Everything works except the touch cursor isn’t showing up for my pen, but the touch features work just like they used to. The tablet keys underneath the display are not configured by default. Rotation To use the tablet d61 intended, you probably want to rotate the display. The Radiance theme, as shipped with Ubuntu Lucid