July 11, 2019


Thank you Shirin It doesn’t get any easier than this , thank you for another helpful, informative and fun project! I’m just a quiet simple person with a very quiet simple life living one day at a time.. Everest Home Edition is freeware tool: At his time Spat6. Community Forum Software by IP. What the people do with them its another thing.

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This is the background vinaghostt that you will see after applying the final ghost image to any computer,during first Boot. However, here they are: This is because we have used SkyDriver that has many of drivers inside itself in 7zip format the size of 7ziped drivers is MB and extracted drivers are about 1.


Why are you labeling these tools as warez releases? Befor going through tutorial,i would like to say thank you to all good friends from all over world ,that i have never seen them and they have never seen me,just we have got familier through web pages and my small tutors.

At this time your C: Community Forum Software by IP. If this tutorial is illegal, so is offlinesysprep developed by Galapo: But all of them was working in languge that i did not know,so it was very difficut for me to understand and took a lot of time to know how to use them.

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Ghost WinXP Sp3 x86

Aren’t these tools made available for free by the respective authors? I always look forward to your postings and feel that you are a genuinely nice person that just likes helping people, winndows comes across in everything you do. NOT only it is against the Rules, it is also against the whole philosophy of the Community.

Extract SkyDriver to C: Keep up the excellent work! Widnows tutor will work just for drive C: In step 13 you said we have to use third-party software to ghost the image of the ‘rebooted’ PC? I have integrated ghost Keep up the great work. Black Zero, Uvais, mfq and 3 others like this. Is thr any better solution for this.

Thanks a lot ,live happy and helthy,have very very good life. No different if you install or not install your system drivers.

You should be ashamed to post here this kind of things. This is 15th day of our new year in my country, and in this 15 days i have got a lot of kindly messages from kind friends,and these messages make me to know that i am alive and there are a lot of persons that like me. Delete all unneeded files like files in temp folder and Make all your favorite customizations in your system.


The backup partition must have fat32 file system to make the backup from freedos. If you make the backup from livexp or vistape you can save the backup in ntfs partition.

Windows XP SP3 Ghost Vinaghost V2

But sysprep itself was designed for this type of use. Thanks again for all the great info and help you provide so graciously. Why don’t we call things with their name? Spat starts working About 1 or 2 minutes then when the job is finished,it’s window will be closed.

Forum Downloads Tutorials More. Where I worked we had a department license to install our own modified windows versions on the workstations. Install any windows updates that you need. Not that I use much windows XP but it’s a good thing to have in the toolbox.