January 29, 2019


Interesting also is that if I use a higher value polarized electrolytic capacitor I can get the CFL to strobe and not use much power but that isn’t useful and gets annoying after awhile LOL Now for the next steps Battery Negative solder connection 2. Amazon Deals Amazon Warehouse Deals! August 30, , I disconnected the battery from the circuit and it climbed up to 0. March 04, ,

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If you notice the primary winding is 7 or 8 turns of number 26 wire on the outside of the transformer.

Many thanks for supporting OverUnity. I have to say the only components i used were the pot and a 68 pf cap.

August 30, Note, the dot on the transformer was on pin 4 so I reversed the connections to pin 4 to collector cicruit pin 1 to the positive. I tried to light the CFL but it just drained the voltage and wouldn’t light.

Fuji circuit aa light bulb | running a cfl lightbulb from fu… | Flickr

HV pulse coil lead 2 Transformer Pin 2 I was using the Fuji 6 pin transformer when I did the barebone test circuit posted above but as you can see all of these transformers have 6 pins but only 5 have wires hooked up to them. Transistor – Base 5. Battery Negative 1 a. Xircuit pulse coil lead 1 The only thing you should be concerned with is the primary circuit in resonance.


Might I be so kind as to ask for a hand drawn circuit diagram, all the red ink is confusing – besides, the picture looks like something totally different.

Fuji EA32 20 a 2 Pole Circuit Breaker T67900

I only have to do this with a few of them. So far it seems that the only component needed from the Fuji cameras is the transformer as the barebone circuit proved.

If a user is unwilling to accept the GDPR, he should email us and request to erase his account. So far though, it seems to be balancing driving the motor off the battery while driving the barebone circuit and lighting the CFL with a recharge effect on the depleted battery Logged Goat Hero Member Posts: I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals!

What’s interesting is that the original circuit posted on the josepino. Testing on circuit 2 with more variable resistance and cap values need to be examined before adding more components in circuit 3.

Please login or register. Check this out and join BitTube. I am only using the Fuji transformers and not any others right now as it is the only one that has the low turn heavy wire primary while Kodak and all the others don’t, I’m trying to replicate the low amp input and 12 hour CFL duration that Gadgetmall posted.


You have to realize thta this is Cold electricity and cvl bulb will not lite up near as blinding bright as on house current but there are ways to make it bright.

Fuji circuit aa light bulb

He got some to work like mine. March 05, I adjusted the resistance further and the light got brighter without losing voltage and settling in at 1. Transformer Pin 6 Locator circuiy, no wire Great new video from Peter Lindemann Navigation. Also i do not Lie and i am sorry you guys couldn’t replicate My Devices.

Neon lead 2 Home Community Help Login Register. Gadget Do you know if any of the Fuji circuits you modded so far had 6 wire transformers or were they all 5 wire with the 6th post as a locator pin? Amazon Deals Amazon Warehouse Deals! Hi jadaro Here’s the barebone version of the original drawing.

Soldered 2 wires in parallel to resistor and hooked up to breadboard.