June 11, 2019


Not bad for a barebones mini Tesla circuit Gadget Do you know if any of the Fuji circuits you modded so far had 6 wire transformers or were they all 5 wire with the 6th post as a locator pin? I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals! Note, the dot on the transformer was on pin 4 so I reversed the connections to pin 4 to collector and pin 1 to the positive. The new digital currency!

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Logged Goat Hero Member Posts: You have to realize thta this is Cold electricity and the bulb will not lite up near as blinding bright as on house current but there are ways to make it bright.

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Logged Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy Re: Hi jadaro Here’s the barebone version of the original drawing. March 09, All the transformers are 5 wires.

Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items. Flash bulb outer lead Note: August 30, Battery Positive solder connection 6.

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Now even more Deep Discounts! Flash bulb’s third lead goes to top of HV pulse coil back of circuit not shown. I am only using the Fuji transformers and not any others right now as it is the cirfuit one that has the low turn heavy wire primary while Kodak and all the others don’t, I’m trying to replicate the low amp input and 12 hour CFL duration that Gadgetmall posted.


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March 02, I still have two completed AA units build as lamps that i use for a bedside light. Diode positive Anode If you notice the primary winding is 7 or 8 turns of number 26 wire on the outside of the transformer. Neon lead 1 Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy.

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Ouput capacitor Positive lead Transformer Pin 3 Thankyou, Pirate posted a bunch of stuff here on the jtc. March 03, HV pulse coil lead 1 I think you should use the 6 pin transformer instead of the 5 pin for your standard circuits since it seems to provide better performance. I took apart 5 Fuji circuit boards last night and so far and all of the transformers with the low turn heavy wire primary have 6 pins but only 5 of the posts have wires hooked up to them, so far the 6th pin only appears to be there as a locator pin.

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Ouput capacitor Negative lead Still messing around with the barebone Fuji circuit, after many configurations I am up to over 24 hours lighting a CFL at a low level on a used AA battery. Statistic Support Search Help F.

At that point I got the CFL light to start flickering without a drop in voltage. Can light a neon by touching only one lead to either of the output wires!

I may have caused a slight performance problem by reversing the connections to pin 4 to collector and pin 1 to the positive because of the dot being on pin 4 but I won’t cirvuit this circuit just yet as it does function just not emitting much light. Very easy to get free digital money!