November 8, 2019


Updated by Dick Nagtegaal. This is for the version 2. Some network cards uunfortunately have the same name or very similar names, yet use a totally different driver. Created by Aleksandr A. This is for the version 5.

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This is very common for many cheaper network cards! Created by Shane Brooks. This sometimes adds a lot of confusion to the process of selecting the right driver. Created by Victor Grund, updated using info from Jeff Bogari. Created by Dennis Ploeger.

This disk will provide the DOS networking and drivers to allow the mapping of a network drive containing your imaging software and files. UK driver works best for both the and pentium versions of the Unisys box but the UK version sometimes works in situations that the UK does not the chips are marked uk or uk UHA download; older versions before 15 nov require the slightly larger. Created by Angelo Sarto. Created by Jay Davis. UDMA will test its functionality, and will not load, pck it doesn’t find compatible hardware.


Updated by Peter Verstraten.

Supported DOS Network Cards/Chipsets

Created by Al Gilhousen. Fixed divide overflow on fast Pentium machines. Created by Art Heimsoth.

Supports the 32 bits IBM token ring Cardbus adapter. It’s designed for use in Microsoft networking environments, on either peer-to-peer or domain based LANs. Is supposed to cover the 16bits pcmcia token ring cards. Updated by Dustin Krysak. This is for the version 5. BAT on the bootdisk, that is executed during boot and holds the ehherlink.

EXE to the disk and use it. Created by Pascal de Wild v1.

It is tested on the 3 families: With IC Chip 3coom Digital. Created by Patrick Fortin-Ducharme. Created by Tomasz Saniawa. Created by Allard Sijm.

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Created by John Ole Gronmo. Created by Dieter de Sena. Currently 98 different network card drivers all included, all on the single 1. Created by Federico Lucifredi. We changed it to be based on FreeDOS to avoid license issues. Created by Jim Webster. Created by Geoffrey Gardner. Created by Aleksandr A. Just use it – Snapshot will run on any DOS.